Canvas Appointment Instructions


As of Spring 2017, Canvas has replaced the Scheduler feature with the ability to create Appointment Groups via the Calendar. This change has been made to provide a better user experience–both for those creating Appointment Groups, as well as for those signing up for them.


Please see the instructions that are applicable to your use of Appointment Groups:


  • Timeslots always show up after creation, without a student having to sign up beforehand.
  • Agenda view will now show instructors/TAs/admins the names of signed-up students without a click.
  • The signup process is now easier for students:
    • If not using the link Canvas sends in an “Appointment available” notification, students have a clear Find Appointment button which guides them to a specific course’s appointments, regardless of how many other calendars they have selected.
      • If using the sign-up link in a notification, as a student, there’s a small known issue: if appointments don’t immediately show up, switch views or click Today in Agenda view. This issue will be fixed soon, and this documentation will be updated when it’s fixed.

Adapted  from Rob Ditto’s and Linda Lee’s documentation, Wharton Computing