Documentation Request Form

Do you need instructions on how to do something with Canvas, Turnitin, Poll Everywhere, or another technology you’re using in your course? Do you want to suggest changes to existing instructions for a tech tool? Do you have an idea for sharing information about technologies used in courses at the University of Pennsylvania? If you’ve answered “Yes!”to any of these questions, please submit your request to the Documentation Request Form!

Please Read before Submitting Your Request!

Please note the following before submitting to the Documentation Request Form:

  • Email Courseware Support ( if you need help with Canvas and related technologies. The Documentation Request Form should only be used for submitting requests for instructions and information on Canvas and related technologies. If you need help with with an issue you’re experiencing with Canvas, Turnitin, Poll Everywhere, etc., please email
  • Names and Email Addresses are Optional. You have the option to give your name and email address if you want to be contacted after your request is processed. If you aren’t sure about giving your name and email address, please consider these reasons for doing so:
    • General Follow-up: To receive an email when your request is complete and to receive a link to the new or updated information or instructions.
      • If no email address is given, the request will be completed, but you will not be notified due to the lack of contact information.
    • Partnerships: To receive an email if you answered “Yes” or “Maybe” to the question, “Are you willing to partner with the Courseware Documentation Editorial Board to create this documentation?”, which is recommended if you would like to discuss your request further with a documentation specialist.

How to Use the Documentation Request Form

1. Go to

2. Click in the circle next to option that gives your answer to the question, “Which type of documentation request do you have?” Then, click on the right-pointing arrow that appears in the lower-right corner of the screen.

This is the first page of the documentation request form. It contains an example of an answer to the first question,

If you aren’t sure which answer represents your need, please note the following:

  • Request new documentation be created: Select when you cannot find information or instructions on a particular Canvas feature (e.g., assignments) or a related tool (e.g., Poll Everywhere).
  • Report a problem with existing documentation: Select when you want to suggest a change to existing instructions or information on Canvas or related tools.
  • Other: Select this option when you want to get in touch about instructions or information on Canvas or related tools and the other answer options don’t address your need.

3.  Complete the form by answering the questions related to your need.

Example of the

This page appears when the “Request new documentation be created” option is selected.

4. When you have finished filling out the form, click on the right-pointing arrow that appears near the lower-right corner of the screen to submit.

Example of clicking the right-pointing arrow near the lower-right corner of the screen.

5. After submitting your request, a confirmation page appears that gives the option to submit another request or to contact for Courseware Support. Example of the submission-confirmation page.