Kaltura Pilot Report: 2015-2016

Pilot Dates: 8/2015- 6/2016
Participating Schools: Arts & Sciences, Nursing, Perelman School of Medicine

School # Courses # Faculty
Nursing 2 11
SAS 3 3
PSOM 1 1
Total 6 15

User Feedback: According to a survey distributed to pilot participants, over half of the respondents said they would “very likely” use Kaltura again in their Canvas course sites. The most widely used Kaltura option among respondents was media-uploading, and the second-most used feature was screen-casting. Nearly all respondents said they would use the Kaltura in-video quiz feature in their courses if it were available. Less than half of the respondents asked students to use Kaltura for submitting Canvas assignments. All respondents said they sought help with using Kaltura. The majority of respondents attended Canvas Help appointments for support. The features that respondents identified as useful include its viewer-adjustable playback rate and captioning capability.

Technical Issues: While most of the feedback on Kaltura was positive, one respondent mentioned that students found it difficult to use, mainly due to the computer requirements for using some of its features (e.g., Java is needed for screen-casting). Another respondent mentioned that playback issues in the Canvas mobile app presented a problems to users who wanted to play Kaltura videos in the app.

Recommendation: Based on the experiences of pilot participants, we recommend starting another Kaltura pilot for Academic Year 2016-2017. As one respondent noted, the full capabilities of Kaltura have yet to be completely explored, although we have learned much about this tool from the Academic Year 2015-2016 Kaltura pilot participants. Nevertheless, the new in-video quizzing feature, as well as the under-utilized timeline feature that lets users create multimodal presentations, should be widely publicized in addition to the standard Kaltura features. We should also provide new workshops and training materials for Kaltura, so we can fully appreciate Kaltura’s potential for the University of Pennsylvania.

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