What Is Kaltura?


Kaltura is a cloud-based web service that facilitates the conversion and distribution of audio and video formats online. It can be integrated into Canvas for pilot participants to allow for:

  • Video-based assignments
  • Video or audio instructional content
  • Student-created video, audio, and screen recordings
  • Other creative uses of audio and video for teaching and learning

girl-compIn general, the quality of video and audio using Kaltura exceeds the native capabilities in Canvas, and is optimized for mobile devices. Because it is integrated into the course site, only course participants have access to the content: Content is not publicly available outside of Canvas. Kaltura also provides the instructor a richer set of analytics for those interested in learning more about how video and audio is used in courses.

How Does It Work?

Users store or record media on their device in Kaltura. Then, this content goes to My Media, which is private to each user. Published media appears in the Media Gallery, which is available to anyone enrolled in a Canvas site.

Instructors, TAs, and Course Designers can add Kaltura media to anywhere in Canvas that has a Rich Content Editor, which includes which includes Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes, and Syllabus.

Students can add Kaltura media to Canvas Discussions, Assignments, or Pages (if student-editing is enabled).

What Should I Do If I’m Interested in Using Kaltura in a Course?

At present, we are limited to 500 pilot participants. Through the Courseware Advisory we hope to identify faculty and courses from a variety of schools to participate. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. Fill out this form to see if Kaltura is right for your course.
  2. Contact your school or center’s Local Support Provider to find out if the school is already engaged in the Kaltura pilot.
  3. Download the sample Memorandum of Understanding between the Penn Libraries Courseware Team and participating LSPs in each school or center.
  4. Consider the risks (the pilot may not become a production service after the conclusion of the pilot period) and review the Pilot Participant Expectations to decide whether participation is right for you.
  5. Follow the Canvas at Penn blog and Twitter (@CanvasPenn) to learn about pilot progress and findings along the way.

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