Poll Everywhere Pilot Report: 2015-2016

Pilot Dates: 8/2015- 6/2016
Participating Schools: Admin (Non-Course), Arts & Sciences, Dental, Engineering, GSE, Law, Libraries, Nursing, Vet, Wharton

School # Participants # Polls # Responses
Dental 5 2 2
GSE 1 2 0
Nursing 32 156 6,267
Law 8 31 1,330
Non-Course 10 39 1,012
Libraries 8 67 1,391
SAS 30 651 47,767
SEAS 9 69 3,768
Vet 33 316 10,249
Wharton 142 1,160 59,545
Total 278 2,493 131,331

User Feedback: According to the Academic Year 2015-2016 pilot participants who completed Courseware Support’s survey, over half responded that they would be “very likely” to use Poll Everywhere again for their courses. Nearly three-fourths of respondents talked to a technology specialist before using Poll Everywhere, and over half sought training, advice, or help when using Poll Everywhere in their courses. Respondents particularly liked how Poll Everywhere fostered student engagement in large classes, as well as its integration with PowerPoint via a plugin.

Technical Issues: Although most of the responses to Poll Everywhere were positive, some respondents said that they would be more likely to use this tool in the future if there were a Canvas integration. Additionally, one respondent would like to see a feature for locking down polls so that students who are not in class cannot respond to them.

Recommendation: The high number of pilot participants, polls, and responses, along with the positive feedback on the Academic Year 2015-2016 pilot participant survey, show that there is considerable interest from users in adopting Poll Everywhere beyond the pilot. For this reason, we recommend licensing Poll Everywhere for general use at the University of Pennsylvania.

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