Respondus Pilot Report: 2015-2016 Academic Year

Pilot Dates: 8/2015- 6/2016
Participating Schools: Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Nursing

School # Courses # Assessments
Nursing 6 15
SAS 6 63
SEAS 8 19
Total 20 97

User Feedback:  Instructors who used the tool reported they would use it again and recommend it to their colleagues. Most found it easy to use and superior to giving and grading exams on paper.

Technical Issues: Some students had trouble installing the Lockdown Browser and also remembering to open it to take assessments, so more guidance on these issues may be needed in documentation and training materials. Some students also encountered problems during exams with WiFi/internet connectivity.

Recommendation: Although we may not see a huge change in the level of adoption, the instructors using the tool are satisfied and tend to be repeat customers.  As next steps we recommend an additional year of pilot. If no greater adoption is reached with an additional year, we recommend interested schools fund individually or as a collaborative subset of the 12 campus schools.

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